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Producers think Britney can make do with two balloons and a feather boa. Our source adds that Spears is especially disappointed with the lack of theatrics, mostly because shes worried that the simple set will draw attention to any possible lip-synching. Spears spokesperson has denied shell just be moving her pretty lips and says shes been in vocal training for months. There is a new set, but they have not gone all out, says our tipster, who has been in touch with Spears this week. Its like Britney unplugged, and Britney literally cannot be unplugged. Weve also learned that after Confidenti@l revealed Spears may lip-synch her way through Vegas, staff at Planet Hollywood were given a cheat sheet of canned answers to give fans and clients if asked about her performance, another source tells us. Everyone connected with this production is freaking out because there is so much at stake, said the source. The purpose of the cheat sheet was so staff could be economical with the truth if fans were to question them about Britney lip-synching. The shows director, Baz Halpin, who has designed tours for Katy Perry, Pink and Taylor Swift, referred us to Spears camp when we asked about her issues with the set. Halpin told Billboard hes been working on the set for four months, and that the level of detail in this show is ridiculous. Spears rep says the singer is very happy with the stage and the venue. It is actually bigger than previous stages she has performed on. The venue will be groundbreaking, he said. PHOTOS: BRITNEY SPEARS: HER MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS ANGELINAS WITH A NEW BAND For the second time this year, Angelina Jolie is showing off a brand new gold band on her left ring finger, sparking rumors that she and fiance Brad Pitt got hitched. While out and about with kids Knox, Zahara, Pax and Shiloh in Bondi Beach, Australia, the Unbroken director wore two gold bands instead of the massive engagement ring given to her by Pitt in the spring of 2012. Not that we were expecting an invitation, but we would have appreciated a save-the-date. COSTAS STARS AS SPORTS SUB Big spenders and sports legends came out to see Brian Williams and got Bob Costas instead on Monday night. Williams was slated to host the 28th annual Great Sports Legends Dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria, but was pulled away by his day job as it became clear NBC would need all hands on deck to cover the government shutdown. Costas said he got the call about 3 p.m.

Britney Spears has issues with small stage size for her Las Vegas shows at Planet Hollywood

Elizabeth Hurley launched Breast Cancer Awareness Month in a campaign backed by Estee Lauder.

Tom Clancy , the military novelist who died Tuesday, was such a prolific author that one would imagine Hollywood was eager to adapt the majority of his many books into films. Particularly because on the few occasions Clancy’s novels were turned into movies, both the commercial and critical response was pretty strong. And yet the release of Paramount Pictures’ Chris Pine -led “Jack Ryan: Shadow One” this Christmas will mark only the fifth time one of the author’s books has gotten the big screen treatment (as well as the fifth time a Ryan movie will come to the screen). Elmore Leonard’s love-hate relationship with Hollywood All of the previous four films centered on the fast-rising CIA officer and the various global threats he helped fend off involving nuclear weaponry, drug-smuggling conspiracies and assorted forms of villainy, often depicting in some detail the military technology Clancy was famous for. The first movie in that series is arguably the author’s best-known adaptation — 1990’s “The Hunt for Red October,” based on Clancy’s first published work. The film starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin was a blockbuster, grossing over $200 million worldwide and even winning an Oscar for its sound effects. (Baldwin, the first actor to ever portray Jack Ryan, tweeted early Wednesday that Clancy was a”real gentleman of the old school.”) PHOTOS: Celebrities react on Twitter to Tom Clancy’s death Harrison Ford would go on to take over the role in 1992’s “Patriot Games” and 1994’s “Clear and Present Danger,” each of which also did massive business. It was nearly a decade before Jack Ryan turned up at the multiplex again — this time, played by Ben Affleck in 2002’s “The Sum of All Fears,” the least well-reviewed of any of Clancy’s adaptations, but no less popular with moviegoers. Despite these successful collaborations with the movie business, Clancy was openly hesitant about about the film industry. “Giving your book to Hollywood is like turning your daughter over to a pimp,” went one of his more famous quotes. Clancy disliked the slow pace at which movies were made, questioning why it took so long for screenwriters to pen a 120-page script when he could churn out a 1,200-page manuscript in five months. PHOTOS: Notable deaths of 2013 “We all know that time is money,” he told The Times in a 1995 interview. “Well, by God, time really is money in Hollywood, and yet the Hollywood process wastes a colossal amount of time unnecessarily.” Clancy also frequently sparred with Paramount, which released all of his Jack Ryan movies. He was not allowed to weigh in creatively on his first three movie adaptations and nearly took the franchise to another studio before Paramount made him a full partner on the series.

Matthew McConaughey Of “Dallas Buyers Club” To Receive The Hollywood Actor Award At The Hollywood Film Awards

Inspired by true events, Ron Woodroof’s story of strength is told in “Dallas Buyers Club,” directed by Jean-Marc Vallee from an original screenplay by Craig Borten & Melisa Wallack. Matthew McConaughey portrays the real-life character, whose self-interest is galvanized into something much more. A son of Texas, Ron Woodroof is an electrician and rodeo cowboy. In 1985, he is well into an unexamined existence with a devil-may-care lifestyle. Suddenly, Ron is blindsided by being diagnosed as H.I.V.-positive and given 30 days to live. Yet he will not, and does not, accept a death sentence. His crash course of research reveals a lack of approved treatments and medications in the U.S., so Ron crosses the border into Mexico. There, he learns about alternative treatments and begins smuggling them into the U.S., challenging the medical and scientific community including his concerned physician, Dr. Eve Saks (Jennifer Garner). An outsider to the gay community, Ron finds an unlikely ally in fellow AIDS patient Rayon (Jared Leto), a transsexual who shares Ron’s lust for life. Rayon also shares Ron’s entrepreneurial spirit: seeking to avoid government sanctions against selling non-approved medicines and supplements, they establish a “buyers club,” where H.I.V.-positive people pay monthly dues for access to the newly acquired supplies. Deep in the heart of Texas, Ron’s pioneering underground collective beats loud and strong.